Why Steam Carpet Cleaning Is The Best Way To Clean Your Carpet

Published: 30th August 2009
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If you clean carpet stains right away and vacuum regularly, you may think that's all you need to do to keep your carpet clean. The truth is, your carpet has deep down dirt that you cannot see. That dirt can affect the look of your carpet and can shorten its lifespan. Your carpet can also hold onto odors from pets, cooking and other sources. You may not realize just how dirty your carpet is until you have it steam cleaned and notice how much better it looks afterwards.

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned about once a year. You may need to clean high traffic areas more often than that. When you hire a professional carpet cleaner, you don't have to worry about doing harm to your carpets. Carpets made with natural fibers must be treated gently to avoid damage. A professional carpet cleaner knows what types of carpets tolerate steam and the added cleaners they use. Some carpets, like Berber, absorb water easily and can grow mold if they get too wet or are not dried out properly.

Hiring a professional to steam clean your carpet is not too expensive especially when you consider that it will help your carpet look good for years longer. Renting a carpet cleaner and cleaning your carpet yourself is a lot of work that requires heavy lifting. You may not get results that are nearly as good. Soiled patches in high traffic areas may still be visible. If you are not careful, you can over wet your carpet which will leave your home filled with a moldy smell.

The professional carpet cleaner will treat your stains, apply detergent to your carpet, and then use a powerful vacuum over your carpet that extracts the water along with loose soil and dirt. This vacuum is much more powerful than the rental units you use yourself which means your carpet gets a good deep cleaning.

The vacuum and hot water holding tank are left in the carpet cleaner's truck. Usually, the only equipment he will need to bring into your home is the vacuum wand and hose. You don't have to worry about him lugging machinery into your home that will damage your floors or furniture.

Steam cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction cleaning. This method has two important advantages. It cleans deep into your carpet and it extracts the moisture so you do not have to worry about mold setting in.

You should ask your carpet cleaner how long it will take your carpet to dry. It should take less than twelve hours. If he tells you it will take longer than that or if he needs to plug his vacuum into your residential outlet, you may want to question how much power his vacuum has. The more power, the more dirt that is sucked up and the quicker your carpet will dry.

To make sure you get the best carpet cleaner, shop around and compare prices. Ask questions so you are sure they understand how to clean various types of carpets. Choose a company that has a good reputation and has been in business for a long time. By getting your carpet professionally steam cleaned on a regular basis, you will keep your carpet smelling fresh and looking its best. You will prevent damage to the fibers caused by accumulated dirt or improper cleaning. Your carpet will last longer and maintain its value for years to come.

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